Up to Date :)

After a successful sunny Orlando, FL convention-the Team heads back-and gets in sometime this evening back to our base here in NY.
A fast beat turn around-and we set up Thursday morning for our LEAH, Rochester NY conference. Following that event-the next coming weekend is Richmond, VA HEAV convention!!! And directly from there-we head to our ReConnect Family Weekend just outside D.C area.
There's a list of our upcoming events for ya! :)

We completed the renovation on 5 rooms-including an extra side warehouse for GOV and a small office space.
After this NY convention-we say 'see ya later' to our two team members: Byron and Victoria-who have been with us for a total of 6 weeks on their internship! Good times with them-and we look forward to hanging/driving/inventorying/painting/eating/chilling with them again super soon!
As the GOV Team drives on up from FL-on the last leg of their long car ride-be keeping them in prayer. Happy Memorial Day everyone!
~Base Point in NY


Rain and Inventory. Oh joy.

Just completed a full morning of physical inventory of the GOV stock left over from this past weeks convention. Next: ordering refill, mock booth after we receive our orders...shrink wrapping today, tying sets, pricing, and IF it STOPS raining and being cold: washing flooring :) Rain is so dismal. Otherwise-off to Home Depot to get paint supplies to paint some warehouse rooms!
Be praying for ReConnect, DC!!!
No, really, we're fine. Just another normal day around here...
In hoodies and winter socks....isn't it May?
~GOV JR Crew


I'm covered in caulking glue, blue tape, primer, and paint. So are the interns, Tim, Stac, and Josh. Its already been a full day and its before lunch! Taking a break to grab some food, and head back down to construction plaza and create a good genius mix on the dock to keep us moving. And yes. Its still raining. And cold. Trailer Shamoo went to the shop to get a new side fender, and yeah....that's about all thats going on.
Back to work,
Bri and Stac


Breather. Exhale. Oh. Inhale.

The GOV Team arrived safe and sound back in our NY Base this afternoon after a successful convention. PA convention is held in the Farm Show Expo center, so we lived through a week of using room-spray all over our booth, and ignoring cow smell. To quote the 3 year old, "Do we HAVE to go back to the cow place?" What a trooper <3

Despite the profuse and dismal- depressing rain that followed us out this morning from PA, all the way to NY, and continuing to pour STILL-it was an amazing weekend for the people at the conference, the GOV Team, and hanging with our vendor friends! :)

A few members headed straight down from PA to scout out the situation for our ReConnect, DC event-so be praying for them and open doors! Otherwise, we're in for a free week up until FPEA end of May....looks like some renovation-painting some rooms, restocking the trailer, inventory, floor washing, and fun stuff like that. A week to work, get messy from paint, organize, rest up some, and prepare!

We celebrated one of our team members 21st birthday tonight! Happy Birthday, Courtney :)
Other then that update, peeps...its just a hop skip away from the FL convention, then NY convention, VA convention, and our ReConnect DC Family Weekend!
Taking a breather to reflect before the whirlwind ahead...
Bri and Stac

To quote Sara, "Keep Calm and Carry On."

Be sure to check out the opportunity GOV is offering to you-win a FREE ipad 2 if you help sign up 20 families for DC ReConnect! Oh yeah folks-I'm serious :)


Cracker Barrel Is Sometimes Not What It Seems...

Well, the GOV Team is in the midst of the TX convention.
A few members of the team are still here with the family in CO-getting last minute details squared around so we can head out Tuesday for NY Base.

ReConnect Vail was a HUGE success, and all the families who came were SO blessed!!! Everything went so smoothly-the hotel was beautiful, it snowed quite a bit during the conference, and all the sessions and attendees were so blessed. It was outstanding-and we're looking forward so much to the upcoming D.C ReConnect next month, June 17th and 18th!

On another memo...we request your prayers-yesterday, in a nice area of Dallas, the GOV Team was eating at Cracker Barrel (they had been to that same location multiple times). They parked the trailer and our white Denali, in the RV parking as normal-in clear sight of the street and restaurant. While they were inside, the car's back windows were smashed in, and multiple items and equipment was stolen: including 4 laptops, 3 passports, over $700 in ministry cash, the Quickbooks and all ministry software, external hardrive backups, multiple personal items like ipods/itouches, Kindles, air cards, jump-drives, our credit card wireless machines, check books, video cameras, portable dvd players, powerpoint projectors, suitcases/computer bags, and a lot of other equipment and gear......... It was a HUGE loss, especially just before the peak of our conference season:( No info from the police on the thugs yet. Because of where they broke in, the street cameras didn't get a good view.)
BUT God is faithful, and has encouraged the Team with multiple words-and we're trusting for His redemption. Besides that, its convention season as usual-and we're headed to CHAP, PA in less then a week from now! There's barely a free weekend in the upcoming 2 months! PLEASE Be praying for the Dallas Crew, and the Team here in CO-as we're praying too.




ReConnect, Washington D.C. June 17th-18th!

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Here We Go! ReConnect

Up here at Vail, CO ReConnect with the GOV Team! Everybody arrives today-and registration begins at 3 pm! Getting ready to head down from the room to set up-after grabbing some breakfast. Here we go!